Monday, September 8, 2008

Home on the Range - in Downtown L.A.

A strange sight met my eyes as I walked home from work this evening. In a small, previously weed-choked lot across the street from my apartment building in downtown Los Angeles, near a subway entrance and just down the street from the business center with its tall skyscrapers filled with high-powered lawyers, bankers, and investment brokers, grazed a herd of goats. Not just a few of the critters, mind, but dozens of them ~ calmly nibbling on weeds, rearing up on hind legs to get at the tender leaves of small trees, wandering from one denuded area to another that might have a few strands of greenery left.

The buzz is that the City of Los Angeles wanted to enlarge the nearby park, but the incline was too steep and the shrubbery and weeds too dense to make clearing it in the usual way ~ using men and machines ~ economically feasible. So they brought in a herd of goats.

Goats! In the middle of the city! What a fantastic idea! Good for the ecology, relatively cheap, quiet, and very, very thorough. Sometimes the bureaucrats get things right! Who'da thunk?

Here are some more pix of those cute li'l goats. (Who needs a County Fair, when you live in L.A.?)

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